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Barbie: Well-meaning but falls flat?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world full of girl power, feminist ideals and subtle snide towards the Patriarchy.

Wrapped up in a pretty pink bow, Barbie the Movie is an extravagant attempt to criticise the incumbent Big Manhood, raise awareness of women’s issues and dishing on the male psychology all at the same time.

👍 The Good

Strong references to Barbie lore

  • Strong visuals, references to barbie’s accessories and clothing

  • A real set built of Barbie’s dreamhouse

The aesthetics

  • A lot of thought was placed into the colour schemes (Pretty pink)

  • Changing scenes where Barbie and Ken travelled from Barbie World to Real World

Attempts to raise awareness of hot issues

  • Sexual harassment of females, the patriarchy, lack of self-love when in relationships, idealised femininity

The music

  • Featuring powerhouses Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, Ryan Gosling


  • Ryan Gosling’s Ken was comedic and yet touching

👎 The Bad

Messy themes

  • Many themes were thrown together in this film. Is the point of the film to critique the state of the current patriarchy? To pledge for female empowerment? Any social justice messages were diluted as they were all packed into a single film.

🤔 Would I recommend?

Yes, if you are watching for entertainment. It is an engrossing film with its own highlights, attractive characters and hilarious moments. Or if you are a Barbie fan in general.

Don’t expect to learn anything new/be inspired in any way though.

🖊 Score?


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